“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”
Benjamin Franklin

The content of this website is based on the compilation of my research, education, professional experience, favorite books, and websites.

There are the following books and websites I used in my guide:

Dr. Hulda Clark - “The Cure for All Diseases”
Dr. Weston A. Price - "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration"
Nancy Appelton, PhD. - "Lick the Sugar Habit”
Dr. William Davis - “Wheat Belly”
Dr. Michael Smolensky - “The Body Clock Guide to Better Health”
Donna Gates – “The Baby Boomer Diet”
Dr. Edward Howell - “Enzyme Nutrition”
E. Baker - “Unbelievable easy Sprouting”
Kerry Bone – “Fifteen Key Herbs to Help Fight Modem Epidemics” seminar (2008)
Dr. Bernard Jensen & Mark Anderson – “Empty Harvest”
Henry Bieler, MD – “Food is your Medicine”
Jean Carper – “Food Your Miracle Medicine”
Jean Carper – “Stop Aging Now”
Uffe Ravnskov, MD, PhD -
“The Cholesterol Myths: Exposing the Fallacy That Saturated Fat and Cholesterol Cause Heart Disease”
Catherine Shanahan, MD, Luke Shanahan – “Deep Nutrition”
Sherry A. Rogers, MD – “Detoxify or Die”
Bruce Lipton, MD – “The Biology of Belief”
Gray Graham – “Pottenger’s Prophecy”
Jeff Primack – “Conquering Any Disease”
Jeff Primack – “Cooking with Qi”
Jeff Promack – “Smoothie Formula”
Mauris Emeka – “Fear Cancer No More”
Rudolf Ballentine, MD – “Radical Healing”
Lousine Hay – “You Can Heal Your Life”
Deborah King – “Truth Heals: What You Hide Can Hurt You”
Bernard Jensen – “Foods That Heals”
Deepak Chopra, MD – “Perfect Health”
Herman Aihara – "Acid and Alkaline”
Michael Roizen, MD, Mehmet Oz, MD – “YOU Staying Young”
Al Sears, MD – "High Speed Fat Loss in 7 Easy Steps”
Malcolm Kendrick, MD – "The Truth About What Really Causes Heart Disease"
Carl Reich, MD – "The Calcium Factor"
Elaine Gottschall, BA, MSc – "Breaking the Vicious Cycle"
Eric Berg, DC – “7 Principals of Fat Burning”
Rachel Albert-Matesz and Don Matesz – “The Garden of Eating “
Dr. Richard Johnson – “The Sugar Fix”
Dr. Richard Johnson – “The Fat Switch”
Dr. Robert Thompson – “The Calcium Lie”
Suzanne Humphries MD – “Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History”
Meir Schneider – “The Handbook of Self-Healing”
Dr. West – “Encyclopedia of Pragmatic Medicine”
Gary Taubes, - “Good Calories, Bad Calories”
Michael R. Eades, MD, and Mary Dan Eades, MD. – “Protein Power”
Gerald Reaven, MD. – "Syndrome X: The Silent Killer"
Mary Flynn - “Low Fat Lies”
Elson M. Haas, MD – “Staying Healthy with Nutrition”
Dr. Jeffery Bland’ – “The Disease Delusion”
Dr. Samuel Milham - "Dirty Electricity: Electrification and the Diseases of Civilization."

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