Wellness Guides

for Health Maintenance


Do you know that your body can heal itself? Your body has the capacity to heal ANYTHING that's wrong with it. The body is a self-regenerating, self- functioning and self-repairing mechanism. If you give the body what it needs, the body will heal most anything that goes wrong. That rules out for instance the loss of a limb due to an accident. Also, any organs that have been removed will limit what the body can do to restore itself. Prevention is the answer to a long life free of sickness.

We offer wellness guides to learn how to sustain optimal health:

Nutritional Program


Nutrition plays a major role in maximizing and empowering our health. The field of nutrition, which includes the foods we eat as well as the nutritional supplements we take, is tense with different opinions, skewed research findings, pure and simple marketing hype. For the average consumer, the search for the truth leads to immense frustration. How is one to know what to believe any more? There are some rules of thumb which will help you to differentiate between what will be helpful, simply a waste of money, or worse yet, what will actually cause harm.

Learn About Food As Medicine And Live A Happier Life

Detoxification Program


As this world becomes more toxic than ever it is an overwhelming task to prevent and recover from constant exposure to so many forms of pollution from the environment. There is an ample amount of evidence related to the physical impact of exposure to toxins on your body. You can continue to mask the symptoms with medication and it will raise the toxic buildup even more, or you can choose to detoxify your body and have a much better chance of living healthier. Often people do not even realize how unhealthy they have become over the years until they regain a more youthful health.

Detoxify Your Body And Get Healthier


Immune System Program


Human beings constantly struggle against the changing environmental conditions to maintain optimum health. The human body depends on the continuous holistic interaction between internal and external factors. When this interaction is in a state of equilibrium, man enjoys health and when it fails, the balance is disturbed and leads to disharmony and disease. There is no such a thing as a single cause of any health problem. All disorders and health problems are multidimensional, because we, humans are multidimensional.

Learn How to Enhance Immune System Naturally

Whole Food

Supplements and Herbs Guide


Many people are surprised to learn that their chronic condition can so often be traced to a nutritional deficiency. Nutrition affects our immune system, organ function, hormonal balance and cellular metabolism. The nutritional deficiency comes first, followed some years later by symptoms, which lead in time to disease. Between the poor nutritional quality of our diets and the burdens added by modern stressors, you can understand why I tell every person to take Whole Food Supplements every day. This small step translates into a huge leap for our bodies, which after all are good at healing themself if they are given adequate support.

Learn About the Importance of Taking Supplements and Herbs

Exercise Guide


Exercise is a serious issue. It's far more logical, reasonable and actually radically reduces your risk of most every chronic disease known to man. I believe that it is far better to consider it as a drug and use it in very precise doses to receive the optimal benefit. Over-exercising adds stress. This is seen in the person who experiences no weight loss even after many months of hard-core training. Under-exercising, in contrast, will produce little benefit because there is not enough stimuli to create the body rebounding effect. There is an optimal exercise, based on the individual’s fitness and health.

Learn About Optimal Exercises

Stress Reduction Guide


Stress is an energy that stocks in the body and keeps that negative energy for long time until it is being released. It is accumulative: it is really doesn’t matter if you are stressed because of job, divorce, car accident, financial problems, you will get the same reaction. Stress is a form of emotional instability that leads to disease. Stress is valuable when you know how to use it. Stress has a bad reputation, and it doesn’t deserve it. Too many books tell us that if we want to be healthy, we need to “get rid of” stress. Unfortunately, trying to eliminate stress from your life usually creates more stress.

Learn About Stress Reduction Techniques

Medical Massage Therapy Guide


Medical Massage Therapy is a system of manually applied techniques designed to reduce pain, establish normal tissue tension and normalize the balance of the musculoskeletal system and internal organs. The human body maintains health in an amazing way. Each individual cell performs an activity that contributes to the body's function. Nerve impulses transmit information to maintain a balanced internal environment - called homeostasis. Every day life situations threaten to disrupt that balance. Physical traumas, strains and emotional stress undermine homeostasis. This imbalance leads to aches and pains which left untreated may result in physiological dysfunction.

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