Why People Suffer


“When you have your health, you have everything. When you do not have your health, nothing else matters at all.”
Augusten Burroughs

Why do you suffer? Don't you know that you don't have to? I have discovered that there are three primary reasons why people suffer:

People Don't Know Any Better

Do you know that your body can heal itself? Your body has the capacity to heal ANYTHING that's wrong with it. The body is a self-regenerating, self- functioning and self-repairing mechanism. If you give the body what it needs, the body will heal most anything that goes wrong. That rules out for instance the loss of a limb due to an accident. Also, any organs that have been removed will limit what the body can do to restore itself.

Every organ, every gland, every cell in the body has a mineral upon which it is dependent for function. If it doesn't get it, it will fail to do all that it is supposed to do, and disease results. To carry on the life process, each of the 80 to 100 trillion cells must digest food, excrete wastes, and repair itself. The body needs certain raw materials to make cells on a daily basis - vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, fats (yes, we need fats), protein, enzymes, carbohydrates and water. If these are not present, how can we expect it to function and heal itself? If raw materials aren’t present, the body will either not make the cell, or will make cell which lacks the vitality and structural integrity. This is called disease.

Our fast lifestyle has made things not as easy as we want to. We have "health" in a bottle, food in a box, and energy in a drink. But is it in our best interest? We want everything. We want the nice home, the fancy car, the best home decorations and the most up-to- date clothing fashions. In order to get that, we have to work harder, work longer hours, go more places, and do more shopping. We want to have lots of exciting things to talk about, to make us more interesting, so we travel more, go to movies more, and do more fun things.

Most of what gets sacrificed is the food we eat. We eat microwaveable foods, boxed foods or eat out at fast food restaurants, not only because it's fast, but because it's cheap too. Don't you realize you can't get cheap and easy without a cost? What we sacrifice is quality of food and ultimately quality of health. To make fast and easy food, we have to make the food last long on the shelves in the market and at home.

To do this, they have to take out all the good stuff that may go bad. This includes the vital enzymes - the very essence of what creates life and the biological activity of the nutrients. You have to take out the good fats and replace them with a plasticized form that doesn't spoil. In fact, insects won't dare touch it! That alone should tell us something! You need good fats for hundreds of functions in the body, and without them, those functions become sub-optimal. Fake fats just won't do those functions and they actually make you worse.

We want a smooth texture and not have to work so hard to get the nutrients out. We don't want to have to chew tough meat, we don't want the rough texture or brown color of wheat or rice, and so we take the important roughage (fiber) out of it, and instead turn it into a glue-like, nutritionally devoid substance. We don't want the oils to get rancid so we hydrogenate it - make it a damaging fat. Our taste buds have become so numb that we have to overly salt and add sugar to everything to make it palatable. Somehow, we think we can do better than Mother Nature.

Because our lifestyle makes us ill, we turn to another quick and easy solution - medications. We take drugs to cover our symptoms, help us feel more energy or help us feel less emotionally. Is it any wonder our kids head for street drugs when they want to feel better or different? Drugs aren't designed to heal us. They are designed to enable you to live with how you feel, easier.

I know this will upset a lot of people, but you can't buy health in a bottle. There is no one pill cures all. There is no magic drink, no magic formula, no magic one treatment (even if it's natural) that will cure you. I know people who are over nourished (fat), under nourished (skinny), totally out of physical condition (can't walk around the block without being out of breath), depressed, high cholesterol, low energy, high blood pressure, hyperglycemic, the list goes on and on, and they all have the same question: what herb, vitamin, mineral, mixture, lotion, remedy, cure, drug, or what should I be eating, in order to get better? However, if your body is out of balance, clogged up, stressed out, reacting to drug side effects, then chances are you will not see the results you desire.

Because we want things so quick and easy, we have sacrificed our health. Now we spend more time at doctor's offices, in the hospital, recovering from illness or surgery, or waiting for our prescriptions to be filled. If we spent that time instead, working on our health, life would be so much better for us. And we would probably have more time!

It's Not a Priority to Change


The second reason why people suffer is because good health just isn't a priority. We think it is a priority, until another want or desire screams louder. When it comes to a decision for instance, between buying a new sofa, a new outfit and even going out to a restaurant for dinner, we opt for the later and say we can't afford treatment.

A 10 year study was done recently to try to prove that "health fanatics" were just that - fanatical. The health fanatics group spent copious amounts of money on health foods, organic foods, chiropractors, acupuncturists and massage therapists.

The control group ate the standard American diet, went the traditional medical route when ill and used the recommended medications. The outcome of the study was surprising. When they factored in not only the amount of money spent, but also the time loss from work for illness and doctor's appointments, they found that not only were the so-called health fanatics healthier, by far, but the financial outlay was significantly less!

There is a saying "pay now or pay later". The pay later option is much more expensive. I prefer to pay now, not only because overall it will save me money, but also because I don't want to SUFFER and you don't have to suffer either. Neither do your friends, or your family. You are at choice.

People Are Doing Everything They Know,
but It's Not Helping.


The third reason why people suffer is because you think you're doing "everything possible" to resolve your condition. We live in a society of extremists. We think only black or white exists. But what about all those areas where truly life is? Let's take health care. You are considered perfectly healthy as long as your lab tests say you are. You disagree. You feel something is wrong, but the lab tests (or interpreters) say you're fine.

So you go about your daily activities feeling lousy until one day the tests agree with you - you have a problem. You now have a disease. But what happened in between feeling healthy one day and being diseased the next? Does the body just decide one day it will be diseased? No! It takes days, weeks, months and even years for the body to degrade into poor health. You may not notice it until one day it's so bad it slaps you in the face.

There are many ways to promote healing, and there is usually more than just one causative factor. But what would happen if you paid attention to the little signs as they appear and handle it in the earlier stages? Would you avoid costly surgery or medications?
With rare exception, yes! When labs say we're okay, we're told it's all in our head. Worse yet, we've not been taught what to do to reverse it before it gets bad.

When it comes to your health, it lies in the choice of health care. Conventional medicine is based on crisis management. Your disease or illness has to be in a state of crisis before there is a solution. These generally include an operation, medication, radiation or rehabilitation. The tests used are based on crisis management because that is where their skill level, their education, focuses.

But why wait until then? Doesn't it make more sense to care for your body so you won't have symptoms, or breakdowns, or changes in bodily functions and performance? There is help in between being healthy and diseased. That's where your alternative medicine practitioners are mostly positioned. They are schooled in managing the health of your body from where it should be managed -from the causative factor!

If you're sick and tired of feeling sick and tired of being told you're fine when you know you're not and tired of sitting in the grey area feeling like there aren't any solutions, have heart. There is much that can be done. You just need to find the right practitioner that specializes in finding the not-so-obvious, low grade, non-medical-crisis health issues that can be effectively treated.

You can live a life free of pain and with Vital Energy! What most people don’t understand is that their symptoms can be treated long before they ever develop full-blown and this can make a profound difference to your whole life. Yes, it takes some time and commitment. But not only we can prevent a much larger crisis from developing, every aspect of your life will brighten up when your body gets the support it needs.

Good health isn't a quick, easy fix. It is a lifelong endeavor that makes health a time, financial and energy priority. Although you will have to sacrifice some things to obtain good heath, in the long run good health doesn't cost, it pays. I know many people who conquered their diseases with whole food diet, pure water, all natural food supplements, optimistic attitude and exercise. And they are surely, certainly within our grasp.