How Long Does It Take

a Bad Diet to Cause Problems?


“Health is not simply the absence of sickness.”
Hannah Green

To carry on the life process, each of the 80 to 100 trillion cells must digest food, excrete wastes, and repair itself. Cells are dying off and the body is building new ones - at the rate of about 24 billion cells per day. Hopefully, 24 billion cells are re-made every day. These cells make up glands, organs, the skeleton, nerves, brain, muscles, and ligaments - everything in the body. This is part of the body's normal and natural regenerative function. What happens when cells don’t regenerate at the same rate as they naturally die? If one day the body is short 100,000 cells out of this 24 billion, is it going to function okay? Yes it will. But what if that happens every day - day in and day out for months or years?

The body needs certain raw materials to make these cells on a daily basis - vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, fats (yes, we need fats), protein, enzymes, carbohydrates and water. If raw materials aren’t present, the body will either not make the cell, or will make cell which lacks the vitality and structural integrity. This is called disease. Degeneration occurs when the body is breaking down cells faster than it's regenerating them. All diseases begin with a nutrition deficiency.

How long do you think it would take before your body started showing the signs of a nutritional deficiency? One month? One year? Longer? It may surprise you to learn that poor diets often create damage to your body long before the final signs show up. So if your diet is lousy, don't justify it just because you don't have any symptoms and appear to be getting away with it. Things could be starting to breakdown even while you feel great.