How Is One To Know

What To Believe Any More


“The best and most efficient pharmacy
is within your own system.”

Robert C. Peale

Nutrition plays a major role in maximizing and empowering our health. The field of nutrition is tense with different opinions, skewed research findings, pure and simple marketing hype. For the average consumer, the search for the truth leads to immense frustration. How is one to know what to believe any more? There are some rules of thumb which will help you to differentiate between what will be helpful, simply a waste of money, or worse yet, what will cause harm.

A main confusion people have is with the definition of food and its purpose. They think of it as "something you eat to get pleasure, to reward and treat yourself with." But in no dictionary I could find this definition. Check out the following definition from the Macmillan Dictionary:

“Food that which is eaten

to sustain life, provides energy, and promotes

the growth and repair of tissues; nourishment”

The purpose of eating is to provide the raw materials the body needs in order to function, repair, and rebuild it. According to this definition, a lot of people are living on something other than food. Most people view food as pleasure, but the problem is that food that gives you pleasure eventually will turn to pain. When we are tired, bored, sad and stressed, we have tendency eat something that gives us a pleasure for a moment not nourishment, but later we will pay consequences.

The healthy foods will give you way much pleasure of being energetic, healthy and well-being then being tired, in pain, and sad eating junk food. It is a very short time for pleasure, but there is no comparison how much pleasure good health can give you.

Cooking shows include lots of talk about taste and appearance, but nothing about how your body handles those foods. For instance, vegetable oils create inflammation, the cause of dread diseases, but master chefs use them with abandon. Then there’s soy, which leads to manly breast/prostate cancer, but soy foods are everywhere. Good taste is great, but good health is better.