Chronic Stress


It can’t be argued that everyone has stress. This is true, or at least I've rarely encountered someone who says they have no stress. It is how you cope with stress that makes the difference. It is also how your body adapts that determines disease. Cortisol is one of those hormones that we love it and hate it. If we keep our stress levels healthy, we enjoy homeostasis in the body. We have proper glucose metabolism and insulin regulation. When we get ourselves into a "prolonged stress response" our immune system weakens, we have sugar regulating disease such as hypoglycemia and diabetes and we suffer chronically high blood pressure. Excessive release of cortisol disrupts function of the body. Chronic stress, such as: financial problems, job pressures, relationships, physical pain, inflammation, hormonal changes, infection, health upsets, setbacks or pushing yourself without recovery or sleep, leads to health problems because of constant releasing cortisol in excessive amounts.

You’ll learn in this guide about

the physical damage stress can cause

to all our different body parts.